Давайте "общаться" на английском?

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  1. Многие изучают английский язык и достаточно хорошо им владеют. Может "пообщаемся" на английском? :rolleyes:
  2. But what about grammar errors?
  3. There's nothing to impede us to understand each other.
  4. It is normal if someboby makes several mistakes.
  5. What topic will be the first to discuss?:rolleyes:
  6. About everything you are interested in :smile: Life, love...
  7. I'm thinking about two things:
    delete this topic
    move it to flameforum? :smile:
    1 человеку нравится это.
  8. It is not fair :( I like second variant more.
  9. Why are you so cruel and dishonest?!dont judge us too strictly:rolleyes:
  10. Thank you for your support.
  11. so cool :smile:)) I like it :smile:
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    So. What d'ya think 'bout these things:
    "Don't trouble troubles until trouble troubles you", yikes?
  13. Эллор, funny :smile:
    Do you know any tongue-twisters in English?
    Can you say it quickly:
    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,
    A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked.
    If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled
    Where is the peck of pickled pepper
    That Peter Piper picked. :smile:
  14. wow,it's very difficult for me . I cann't say this words quickly=(
  15. why u cant? its not that hard as u think :smile:

    p.s. - i write this way, cuz i chat in english so much, that u cant even imagine :P
  16. it's like a tongue-twister about Betty Botter.

    Betty Botter bought some butter.
    But she says the butter's bitter.
    "If I put it in my batter,
    It will make my batter bitter.
    Bitter bit of bitter butter
    Will make my batter bitter."
    So she bought a bit of butter
    Better than her bitter butter.
    And she put it in her batter.
    And the batter wasn't bitter.
    So, it was Betty Botter
    Bought a bit of better butter.
  17. By the way, the idea is awesome! I adore English!
  18. Да,ребят,весело тут у вас..но по-английски ничего не скажу))
    Это как шифр..Пытаешься что-то понять..но лень..да и сложно порой..))
    I live in Bryansk:smile:)))
    This is good!!))
    -ы-:xaxa: :xaxa: :xaxa:
  19. I agree with azure.
    I don't understand people who don't want or don't need to study English.
    As for me, i need it for my future job.
    Hey! By the way, one guy (...from Italy, i don't remember exactly) has created a topic, and has wrote in English...Topic was closed....& i have warning now, 'cause of my answer in this topic
  20. Heya folks!!!
    Lol it's friggin' strange to see this topic on our forum...
    it's much better to find native speakers and talk to them....
    By the way....how long have you been studing english,Chaps?and how?

    As for me i practice my English in english school(BKC) and i speak with few guyz from UK using microphone

    Dunno if it helps me in future.....
  21. Let's reenvent the topic!
  22. Ай донт спик инглиш! Mom is my witness!
  24. My name is Sergey=)))) I'm from Russia=)
  25. Ooops.......Hello, my dear friends!!!!!! How are you? =)))
  26. speak english with the native speakers or at least foreingers who speaks english, you have no other choice to communicate with them, so its fun, i find it strange to speak english here : ))) Tho i love english even more than russian :smile:)
  27. English isn't my native lang... Sorry, but I must leave this theme...
    Good Luck for all!
  28. I"ll be back!!!!:imho:
  29. were are you going?
  30. Emm... My English is not good((( This is one of the terrible problems in my life.
    What do you think about Torino 2006? I want our command to get the first place.
  31. It not probably us will condemn a minimum 2 place
  32. Good Night!!!!!! =) I"be back.........tomorrow!
  33. Pardon? I didn't get it? If you like English more than Russian you might be glad to speak it everywhere. Is the place of great matter for you?
  34. "Pardon" don't english word! Go to school!
  35. your english is fantastic, man :xaxa:
    btw, 'pardon' is english word. believe me :kruto:
  36. Well, I think English of all of us needs the improovement as quick as possible. Nobody knows - maybe I've just said something wrong.
  37. Well, maybe i do know? :rolleyes:
    You shd use another article prior to 'improvement' - there shd 'an' instead of 'the'. For the rest you said, it's all correct :kruto:
  38. Pardon - ıs an Englısh word, honey. I don't have to go to school. I studıed my last school year ın US. Do you want to dıspute?
    Pardon - means прощение. (И это с английского, а не с французского. Кто у кого сплагиатил меня не волнует. Но в английском есть такое выражение.)
    And the expression "I beg your pardon?" - means "Excuse me? I didn't undersand you?' But Americans usually say just "Pardon?".
    Is it clear?
  39. Hello! It's a very good idea to speak English =)
    I used to write English poems, but it is rather difficult...

    "When I feel bad, when I go mad
    I raise my eyes in the sky.
    I see the truth and I can move!
    And I can see the sunrise..."

    And now I hate this language! It's everywhere! I have to spend my evenings learning English =(( Why?? =)))

  40. This one looks like rap, not poem :P
    peeps i Do advise you to speak to some real native speakers...this forum is more like just a fun addition...Otherwise everybody here will see some wrong english of russian ppl and will get used to wrong idioms, etc...
  41. Not quite right. Haven't you noticed double "o" in "improvement"? I've written that word not correctly.
    I suppose, your "shd" means "should"? Never heard about a form, like this one.
    Now, you must be a man who knows English very well or a man who think he knows...Further. Article "the" in my previous sentense means not just improvement - it means great improvement for everybody here and for me too.
  42. Really? O, no.. =)) I don't like rap!
    I speak to them twice a week =) It's interesting. Especially when they begin speaking Russian!
  43. Good morning, people!!!!
  44. Hello, everybody!!
  45. Hi!!!!! What is your name?:friends:
  46. Yep, i've noticed it. Just thought is was misprint, not misspell :rolleyes:
    So, yeah, "shd" really goes for "should". As well as "smth" for "something".
    As to my knowledge of English - it should be better judged by someone else, not me :xaxa:
  47. Did you know, that English speakers in chat use a kind of slang - idiomatic English which often breaks the rules of correct English? For example, capital letters are avoided. I think, it's funny. =) Examples:
    r = are
    u = you
    thanx = thanks
    c = see
    b = be
    2 = to
    4 = for
    u bet = yes!!! :xaxa:
    nite = night
    wanna = do you want to
    dumbo = stupid :xaxa:
    yup = yes
    cos = because
    best = best wishes
    In my opinion, we sometimes do like it, don't we? =))
  48. Yeah, i think it's very useful and use it oftenly.
    But i think you're talking about some different things in parallel.
    The first half is so-called 'eye dialct', based on the WYSYWYG rule (what you see is what you get). Buying modern records you almost can't avoid finding such titles as 'b4 its 2 l8' (before it's too late) or ''r u in" (are you in?).

    The other expressions have a little respect to this dialect (or do not have it at all).For instance, 'you bet' is not slang, but a very old expression you can find in the great majority of vocabularies. By the way, it means not 'yes', but 'sure' or 'of course' :rolleyes: And the words, oftenly used instead of 'yes', are 'yep' and 'yeah'.
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